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4.3"-6.95“Tablet PC

Product Model:SWL-T56, 10w/12w, ra≧82, 10w&12w



Product Features:

ØThe appearance of the product to take the T-shaped design, combined with metal trim highlights the texture with yet elegant ivory main color.
ØThis product is designed to take full account used independently and with the lighting conditions of use compared to the traditional A-type bulb lamps lighting effects. Up to 240-270 degrees beam angle design, to provide to the user a better visual environment.
ØEmbedded constant current power driver design, 110v input voltage and 220 separate design, power supply effect higher than wide voltage design patterns makes the product more energy efficient than ordinary LED bulb.
ØAdopt international advanced dimming technology, strong popularity Triac dimming mode, easy directly to customers using traditional dimmers, no flicker, to good effect, stable performance, strong compatibility.
ØThis product has been in strict internal design certification (with reference to the relevant IEC Standard and the LM-79-08 standard), all products are designed by TüV CE certification.

ØSmall and medium-power, high light efficiency LED chips, TOP structure package, with good thermal performance, Intermadix brand phosphors with imported soft silicone encapsulation, long life, high lumen maintenance rate.
ØProduct design fully consider the good with the large angle beam angle, dimensions and types of lamps.
ØUp to 25,000 hours life span, no flicker, no glare, no spot imaging, fast start.

ØIndoor lighting, home lighting, all kinds of lighting used in conjunction.
Electrical parameters  Rated power(w) 10 10 12 12 10 10 12 12
Input 110/220Vac, 50/60Hz
Power Factor ≧0.9
Power Efficiency ≧0.9
Dimming N/A w/Triac 
Optical parameters CCT WW DW WW DW WW DW WW DW
Light efficiency(lm/w) 80 85 80 85 80 85 80 85
Luminous flux(lm) 800 850 960 1020 800 850 960 1020
CRI ≧82
Color tolerance(SDCM) ≦4.0
Beam Angle 240D
Other parameters Lamp holder standard E26/E27/E17/E14/B22
Protection class IP20
Work environment (℃) ‘-40~50
Life span 25000
Material PC+AL
Aperture size /
Installation /
Testing standards IEC,LM-79
Certification CE
Warranty period 3 years
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